14 Aug 2020

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. Regarding detail of IT Fee

. Regarding category wise Enrollment of IT Students 

.  Regarding Safety Quarterly Newsletter

 . Regarding "Akand Shiksha Jyoti Mere School Se Nikle Moti"

 All the Block Project Officer/Principal are requested to submit the Daily Feedback report of E-Learning Program on the Proforma attached (Excel Sheet) to this office .

Regardingexpenditure various Tournament at Distt. and Zonal level  Tournaments2019-20.
Organisationof e Parents teacher Meeting (e-PTM)an all the Govt. Schools.

Non submission of RTI Act Annual Report(List of defaulter schools) TIME BOUND/ PERSONAL ATTENTION.
The Principal/HM GSSS Amboya, Toka Nagla, Barag, Manpur Devra, Marighat, Bankala,                    Habban Nagheta, Gorkhuwala, Chhcheti, Tatana,  GHS Thaina Basturi, Kotri Bias, Apron,                    Nihog, Bankala-II Regarding SCSP WORKSClick here for proforma list of works
          Regarding joining report Dy. Director of Higher Education Distt. Sirmour   
Regarding Unsafe Building

The Principal Rajgarh, Nahan, Kaffota, Baghani, Jamna, Ngheta, Boghdhar, Naina Tikkar, Jamta, Timbi, Bakras, Bikram ka Bag, Barag, Jarol Taproli, Tatiana Regarding 11th Vidhan Sabha

Arrangements for the conduct of Himachal Pradesh Administration Services Combined Competition (Preliminary) Examination,2019

Regarding Review of Activities for Celebration of 50th year of statehood

Regarding allotment of CWG Flats at concessional rates

Regarding Bad Condition of Classrooms of Govt. School in HP

Regarding Drug Free Himachal App.

Regarding Enrolment/Registration/Admission of Students up to  12th Classes on or before 31st July,2020.

All the Principal Private Sr Sec Schools/Pvt High School of Distt. Sirmour Regarding Publicity of this circular to all thev parents/students

Regarding notification from HPBOSE Dharamsala

All the Principal GSSS/Private Schools/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding Inviting nominations for INSPIRE Awards- MANAK 2020-21 

All the Principal GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding confirmation of DPEs

All the Principal GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding School safety Project 

All the Principal cum BPOs of Distt Sirmour regarding feedback

All the Principal GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding Scout and Guide unit registration

.  All the Principal GDC/GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding regularization/promotion of PTWC  
All the Principal GDC/GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding regularization/promotion of PTWC 

All the Principal GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding regularization/promotion of PTWC in Health Department  


    .       All the Principal GSSS/Headmaster GHS of Distt. Sirmour Regarding Information of damage in the school building 

      .      All the Principal/Headmaster GSSS/GHS who had not submit the RTI Annual Report are again directed to submit the same today at 4.00 P.M. i.e. 18-07-2020 on the prescribed performa.

    .      All the Principal /HM GSSS/GHS (List attached) Sirmour Regarding providing the physical and financial status of the construction works along with UC 

       .      All the Principal GSSS/Headmaster GHS/Private Schools of Distt. Sirmour Regarding Guidelines for Digital Education -MHRD

           link: https://forms.gle/cfQUiNYmAbNhAeex9

  • Training programme for NSS Programme Officers at RGNIYD Chandigarh w.e.f. 16-12-2019 to 22-12-2019.
  • List of employees with mismatch in their PMIS record for place of posting of Distt. Requires immediate correction at school level through PMIS Portal
  • Office order regarding Meeting of Booth Level Officers/Designated Officers and Supervisors of Assembly Constituency 56-Nahan. 
  • देव वाणी संस्कृत भाषा को दूसरी राज्य भाषा का दर्जा देने बारे |
  • Regarding providing of Category Wise(SC,ST,OBC,EBC(Economically Backward lasses)  (General) and IRDP Enrollment of    Students in    Institutions  for the Financial Year 2018-19 and 2019-20.(REVISED LETTER)
  • Regarding Extension of date for inviting entries for SLSMEE to be held in SCERT, Solan.
  • Training programme at HIPA Shimla for School Principals w.e.f. 16-12-2019 to 20-12-2019.
  • Please share the Report related to स्वच्छता अभियान एवं पॉलीथीन हटाओ पखवारा (गूगल शीट अटैच्ड)
  • Part Time to daily wage-Office Order
  • स्वच्छता अभियान एवं पॉलिथीन हटाओ के लिए नई  पेहल 

  • Regarding submission of Estimate for various construction works (CM Announcements).
  • Office Order (20 years case) Class-IV.
  • Office Order (4-9-14)
  • पर्यावरण संरक्षण हेतु प्लास्टिक के कचरे से पोली ब्रिक्स (Poly Bricks) का निर्माण करना !
  • List of Students to whom Budget is to be distrubuted under Pre Matric OBC Scholarship 6th to 8th 2015-16
  • Beti Bachaoo Beti Padaoo scheme for the year2019-20
  • Tentative Schedule of Regular inspection for the Month of December.
  • PMIS links, please check and update accordingly.
  •  Regarding A.Q. 13/7/47.
  • Training programme at CCRT w.e.f. 09-12-2019 to 31-12-2019 for School Plect./PGTs.
  • Bad condition of Rooms in  Govt. Schools:Status
  • **Top Priority-All heads are requested to update google sheet listed below (Copy and Paste on address bar) with the overall employees of various categories (who have been allotted E-salary Codes) of your schools with in three days and then further periodic targets after 7 days intervals(You have to update only in cell with grey color):-
  • http://bit.do/dhe_sirmaur

    Please send the ATR as per format above along with pictures/videos

    Updation in e-Salary Codes can be done from the "My Profile" Section by selecting "Update Contact Details" through Data Entry Login.

  • Regarding demand of free Text Books providing to the students of General category of Class 9th & 10th for the year 2020-21.
  • Regarding provide the list of NSS/NCC/Scout & Guide for the forthcoming Bye- Election-2019 (Reminder-1)
  • Identification of new schools for the Implementation of Students Police Cadet Programme- reg.(GSSS Shillai/Sainwala/Bikram Bag/Nihalgarh/ Dadahu(Girls).
  • Regularization of Daily Waged  Workers/ Contingent paid Workers and Contract employees.
  • Regarding adjustment of PTWC/Water Carriers-cum -Peon on daily wages basis on promotion as peon (Class-IV).
  • Regarding Scholarship workshop to be held on Dated: 05/10/2019 at GGSSS Solan HP.
  • Regarding Launching of a letter writing campaign ''Dhai Akhar'' on the them "Dear Bapu''you are immortal.
  • Regarding introduce of Financial Literacy in Schools of Himachal Pradesh from Classes IX  to XII (WorkShop at G(B)SSS Nahan on 01-10-2019.)
  • Regarding National Role Play and Folk Dance competition at District level.
  • Regarding duties of Judges for U/19 Boys/ Girls District level cultural Tournment at GSSS Nagheta.
  • PMIS:Please use My Profile option and update contact details to update ESalary Code and photo of employees
  • RDemand of Free Text Books providing to the students of General Category of Classes 9th & 10th for the year 2020-21.
  • Regarding provide the list of NSS/NCC/Scout & Guide for the forthcoming Bye-Election-2019 (PACHHAD CONSTITUENCY).
  • MGNCRE-MHRD-Gandhiji's 150th Birth Anniversary- Education-programmes-Celebration of Nai Talim -02/10/2019.
  • Deputation of PGT/Lect. for one day capacity Building programme on prevention of Drug Abuse in Schools at SCERT Solan on 27-09-2019.
  • Regarding convening of Meetings of Heads (Schools falls under BPO Paonta Block). 
  • Registeration and verification of NMMS beneficiaries on NSP.
  • Regarding supply of Category -wise Enrolment from class 6th to 10+2 as on 30-09-2019 and Staff Position.
  • Guidelines for Paper Setters/ Moderators for class 8th to 10+2.
  • Regarding pending FCA and FRA cases
  • Training programme at  CCRT for School Lecturers/ PGTs.
  • Regarding celebration of Poshan Maah from 1st September,2019 to 30th September,2019.
  • Regarding information of Nodal Officers for Swachhata Pakhwara.
  • व्यापक पालीथीन कचरा उन्मूलन  कार्यक्रम 11  सितम्बर से २७27  सितम्बर 2019 
  • Proper Examination of cases on Compassionate grounds

  • Budget Demand OBC Scholarship 1-8th Classes
  • Budget Denad OBC Scholarship 6th to 8th classes
  • Budget Demand OBC 1-5th Classes
  • Training programme for School Lect./PGT in English at SCERT Solan.
  • Explanation-Low Result of Board classes
  • Saksham:National Competition-2019
  • Corrigendum-Class-IV PTWC
  • Urgent Attention(by 17th July)):On line filling of vital insfrastructure data of schools
  •  Regarding providing of School Infrastructure information and Status of Various Building works.
  • The Himachal Pradesh Secondary Education Code 2012.
  • Regarding Disaster management and Rescue Traning in Winter Schools from 17-07-2019 onwards
  • Regarding Rescheduling of Meetings of Heads (Winter Schools).
  •  Regarding Information of Nodal Officer for Drug Abuse.
  •  Regarding District Common Pool Share.
  • Providing list of class-IV employees retiring in 2019 and vacancy position
  • Promotion to LA
  • Duties of DPE/PET for U-19 Boys and Girls Zonal tournaments for the year 2019-20.
  • Training programme at SCERT Solan for School Lect./PGT w.e.f. 22-7-19 to 27-7-2019.
  • Training programme at HIPA Shimla for School Principal w.e.f. 22-7-2019 to 26-7-2019.
  • वर्ष 2019 के राज्य स्तरीय शिक्षक पुरस्कार बारे |
  • Regarding Installation of Flex and Display Hoardings at different Locations in H.P.
  • Regarding Extension of Admission for 10+1 Class.
  • Regarding Menstrual Hygiene Scheme pursuant to the order of Hon'ble High Court of H.P. in CWP No. 2455/2017.
  • Providing data regarding Inspection ( Pvt. Schools) and Fire Extinguisher (all schools)
  • Inspire Registration- Urgent Matter
  • Demand of Textbooks through online mode
  • Regarding status of CCTV camera installed in Examination centre.
  • Regarding submission of school wise data of school under Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan Dhan Pension scheme for the under organized worker.
  • Collection of Airtel SIM for schools with Biometric Machine installed in Phase-II
  • Regarding Extension of MOU- IT Education 
  • Training Programme for School Lecturer/PGT at SCERT Solan w.e.f. 15-7-2019 to 20-7-2019.
  • Regarding committee to check Drug Menace
  • Permission to conduct the Survey in Schools.
  • Regarding rescheduling of  Meeting of Heads for Rajgarh & Narag Blocks.
  • Proceedings /Minutes of DSSA General House Meeting & U-19 Boys/ Girls Sports Calendar for the year 2019-20.
  • राजकीय वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक पाठशाला बोगधार में दिनांक 07-07-2019 को जन मंच के आयोजन बारे |
  •  Regarding providing of School Infrastructure information and Status of Various Building works.
  • Regarding submission of cases for the promotion of eligible in service Peons to the post of LA as per R&P Rules for promotion in the year 2019.
  • Regarding engage of Daily Wagers/PTCPs during summer vacations.
  • Regarding convening of  Meeting of Heads for Rajgarh & Narag Blocks.
  • Regarding National Scheme of INcentive to Girls for Secondary Education (NSIGSE),  Supply of data for maturity payment.
  • Training programme at HIPA Shimla for School Principal w.e.f. 08-07-2019 to 10-07-2019.
  • Court Matter: Nitin Vyas Vs State
  • दैनिक वेतन भोगिओं को छुटिओं के दौरान कार्य पर लगाने बारे 
  • 💥BIO Metric Status of only those schools where machine has been installed.
  • Dear Sir, Please Enter  the status of Bio Metric Machines installed in your schools by today 
  • Supply of Board Result Subject wise and Teacher wise

      Celebration of Tobacco Day on 31 May 2019
       All Schools-Celebration of No Tobacco Day on 31 May 2019

    • Instruction regarding denial of admission to Children with special needs
    • Regarding submission of certificate by the Monitoring Committee under Scholarship 2018-19
    • एम० एस० सी० कोर्स हेतू आवेदन पत्रों के अग्रेषण बारे |
    • Preparation and updation of seniority list plus two Class IV
    • Preparation od Snty. List of Matriculate LA for promotion to JLA
    • Remembering 4th April Kangra Earthquake:Shake out Drill in H.P.
    • Training programme at HIPA Shimla for School Principal.
    • Training programme at HIPA Shimla for Supdt. G-11.
    • Reminder-I Fees and Funds structure by Pvt. Schools
    • Writ Petition-Manav Adhikar Nigrani Vs Union of India and Othrs
    • Installation of Honor Board "Akhand Shiksha Jyoti"
    • Handbook for Adolescents on Cyber Safety
    • Instructions regarding Spot Evaluation.
    • Submission of Fee and Funds Structure by Private Schools
    • NSS Annual Report submission
    • Regarding Celebration of Poshan Pakhwada under Poshan Abhiyan from 8th to 22nd March,2019. 
    • Uploading of Employees Data on DiseWeb portal (Election Department matter)
    • Preparation regarding BIO METRIC Machines to be installed in your schools

    • Assumption of charge by newly promoted DDHE
    • HP-ePass Scholarship Registration and Verification notification Ensure Mobile no. updation in profile section to  get OTP for verification
    • Time Schedule & mechanism for online verification of Scholarship application  for the year 2018-19. 
    • Regarding to provide the information i.e. Fee and Funds in r/o Private Schools in the State. 
    • Part Time to Peon Class-IV Orders
    • Final Seniority List of Daily Wages (Comp. Ground) of District Sirmour (H.P.) as on 31-12-2018
    • .officer order.
    •  Collection of 9th and 11th class question papers on 05-03-19 and 06-03-19 positively.
    • Regarding Scholarship  Verification 2018-19.
    • Regarding Fees.
    • Submission of information under "Akhand Shiksha Jyoti, Mere School Se Nikle Moti" Yojna.
    • Regarding No discrimination with school children on the basis of religion, caste, creed and gender in the schools under MDM Programme.
    • Regarding Career Counselling Cell in Schools.
    • Office Order Bharat Scouts and Guides (Revised).
    • Regarding implementation of the H.P. Private Educational Institution(Regulation) Act,1997.
    • Office Order Bharat Scout and Guide.
    •  Regarding confirmation/seniority list of DPEs/ADEPOs.
    • Schedule & mechanism for free textbook distribution (Class 9th-10th) for summer closing schools.
    • Spare sometimes for this blog survey